Tuesday, April 21

Quotes from Kljestan and Thornton

Chivas USA has only allowed two goals in five games so far in the 2009 season. Midfielder Sacha Kljestan and goalkeeper Zach Thornton told the Toronto media the following about this year's defense:

“I think it’s the discipline and the attitude we have when we come on the field. As a unit, our four midfielders and our four defenders know that we work hard for each other so that if we get off our positions we have guys that run hard to make it up. I think we all cover each other’s backs…”

"The guys have done a very great job, they’ve closed down spaces, they’ve defended well, and they’ve made my job a lot easier… all the credit goes to the guys in front of me.
We have confidence in our team… the main thing is to keep it going. We always look forward to the next challenge."