Tuesday, December 30

Bornstein and Kljestan called to U.S. National Team Training Camp

Chivas USA midfielder Sacha Kljestan and defender Jonathan Bornstein were named Tuesday by United States National Team Head Coach Bob Bradley to the National Team camp ahead of a friendly match against Sweden on Jan. 24, 2009 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

Thursday, December 18

Claudio Suárez’s Ultimate XI

Claudio Suárez was recently posed the question by Jack Bell of the New York Times: "What is the best starting eleven of players that you've played with for the Mexican National Team?"

Claudio's answers, his 'Ultimate XI' has been posted on the Goal: The New York Times Soccer Blog.

Follow the link below to see his selections:

Claudio Suárez’s Ultimate XI - Goal: The New York Times Soccer Blog

Tuesday, December 16

Diciembre con Atiba Harris/Catching up with Atiba Harris

Con miras al descanso de las fiestas decembrinas, Dentro del Rebaño le pregunta a cada uno de los jugadores de Chivas USA sobre sus reflexiones en el 2008, sus planes para estos días festivos, así como un vistazo a lo que viene para el 2009. Hoy le presentamos al delantero caribeño Atiba Harris.

¿Qué planeas hacer en estas fiestas decembrinas?
Fue una temporada muy larga, así que ahora es momento de descansar, tener un poco de diversión y pasar tiempo con la familia y amigos. No voy a ir a San Cristóbal y Nevis este año. Es triste pero estoy hablando con mi mamá y familia ahí. En lugar, voy a planear un viaje a Miami o Puerto Rico por una semana o dos.
¿Cómo viste el 2008 para Chivas USA?
Fue un año muy duro, creo que nos mantuvimos fuertes durante los momentos difíciles. No llegamos al punto en el que queríamos pero ni modo. El próximo año esperamos llegar más saludables y ganar la Copa MLS.
¿Cómo te fue personalmente en el 2008?
Personalmente, creo que mejoré mucho. El próximo año pienso asumir un papel de líder. Quiero tomar un papel más de liderazgo con Chivas USA.

As players enjoy the offseason, here at cdchivasusa.com, we'll be catching up with some of the players and finding out their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Atiba Harris.

What are your plans now that the season is over?
It was a long season. It’s time to kick back a little bit, have a lot of fun, spend time with family and friends. I’m not going to St. Kitts this year. It’s sad, but I’ve been talking to my mom and family over there. Instead I was planning to go to Miami or Puerto Rico for a week or two.

What was your take on the 2008 season?
It was a rough year. We played better, and we stuck together. We didn’t get to the point we wanted to reach but so be it; next year we will come back healthier and win the MLS Cup.

How did the season go for you, and what are you hoping for in 2009?
Personally, I felt I improved a lot. Next year, I hope to be a leader. To take more of a leadership role for Chivas USA.

Monday, December 15

Diciembre con Zach Thornton/Catching up with Zach Thornton

Con miras al descanso de las fiestas decembrinas, Dentro del Rebaño le pregunta a cada uno de los jugadores de Chivas USA sobre sus reflexiones en el 2008, sus planes para estos días festivos, así como un vistazo a lo que viene para el 2009. Hoy le presentamos al delantero caribeño Zach Thornton.

¿Qué planeas hacer en estas fiestas decembrinas?
Probablemente voy a regresar a Pennsylvania y disfrutar de las fiestas ahí. Voy a estar entrenando alrededor del 4 ó 5 de enero, ya sea aquí con Leo Percovich o quizás en la academia de Brad Friedel en Ohio, dependiendo en la disponibilidad de cada quién. A fines de enero, ¡vamos a estar de regreso!, ¡el tiempo vuela!

¿Cómo viste el 2008 para Chivas USA?
Creo que fue muy difícil porque llegué en la mitad de la temporada, pero cuando llegué aquí creo que llegué en un momento muy difícil. Creo que el equipo se mantuvo fuerte en los momentos complicados y empezamos a jugar bien una vez que tuvimos a los muchachos saludables y listos. Nos quedamos en la orilla y eso fue doloroso, pero así es el futbol. Creo que fue una experiencia que nos permite aprender a muchos de nosotros y creo que utilizaremos esas lecciones la siguiente temporada.

¿Cómo te fue personalmente en el 2008?
Fue de altibajos. Cuando decidí llegar aquí y justo cuando llegué aquí no estaba en la condición en la que me gustaría haber estado, pero mientras jugué más partidos creo que agarré el ritmo de juego. Luego me lesioné y afortunadamente, me mantuve en ese buen nivel cuando regresé en la postemporada.

As players enjoy the offseason, we'll be catching up with some of the players and finding out their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Zach Thornton.

How are you going to spend the offseason?
Probably going to go home back to Pennsylvania and enjoy the family holidays. I’ll start training again around January 4th or 5th, either here with Leo Percovich or maybe at Brad Friedel’s academy in Ohio, just depending on who is available. Then, at the end of January, we have to be back! It’s going to go quick!

How did last season go from the team’s standpoint?
As a team it’s hard, because I came mid-season, but when I got here it was a tough time. I thought the team stuck together through a difficult time, and once we had guys healthy and ready to play, we made a nice run at it. We did fall a little short, and that’s disappointing, but that’s soccer. But it was a good learning experience for a lot of people, and I think we’ll definitely grow and be better for it next season.

How about the year on a personal level?
It was up-and-down. I decided to come here, and right when I got here I wasn’t necessarily as good as I wanted to be, but as I played more games I kind of got in my groove. Then I got injured and then, luckily, I was still in that groove when I was able to play later in the season.

Shavar Thomas and Jamaica capture Digicel Caribbean Championship

Jamaica finished its run through the Digicel Caribbean Championship on Sunday with a 2-0 victory over Grenada in Kingston. Luton Shelton scored both goals (on a pair of penalty kicks) to give Jamaica the win, and Chivas USA's defender Shavar Thomas helped his country keep the clean sheet.

The Reggae Boyz had already earned one of the main prizes that the tournament has to offer; the four semifinalists automatically qualify for the 2009 Gold Cup. Jamaica will be joined in the Gold Cup by fellow Caribbean nations Grenada, Guadeloupe, and Cuba. The win represents the fourth time that Jamaica has been crowned champion of the Caribbean.

Friday, December 12

Catching up with Jim Curtin

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Jim Curtin.
Any plans for the Holidays?
Me and my wife are going to go down to the New Jersey shore and we have a big football game on the beach – it’s a good time to go see friends and family. I’ll probably stay there until Christmas. I’m going to be working with a guy in Philadelphia to stay in shape. Once I get back here to The Home Depot Center, I’ll come back and I’ll stay here to stay in shape and get ready for the season next year. It’s one of those things that seems like a long time, but it goes by really quick. Obviously I’m motivated to do the hard work in the offseason because it pays off going into preseason.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
It was kind of a rollercoaster season. All things considered, it was great to make the playoffs. The goal was to win the MLS Cup, and we don’t use injuries as an excuse but when you have so miss a lot of guys and you don’t play the same lineup a lot, it’s difficult. With [the injuries], it was crazy, unlucky things; it was tough. Obviously everybody is disappointed on how it ended.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I could have done some things better, I could have contributed a little more to the team. But it was a rollercoaster season for all of us.

Tuesday, December 9

Catching up with Dan Kennedy

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Dan Kennedy.
Any plans for the Holidays?
I’m not going to be leaving Southern California – I’m going to be training a little bit. Trying to stay in shape during the Holidays and then once January comes around, I should be stepping it up and getting ready for preseason. It’s going to be nice, to take your mind off a little bit and spend some more time with the family, but I’m still looking forward to preseason.
I have a trip planned with friends – every year; we go to Vegas for a weekend. Then I’ll go to San Francisco for New Years – I have some family there as well.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
We had a lot of setbacks due to injuries, suspensions, and trades. We were a little bit unlucky. A lot of people got opportunities, including myself… I think that as a whole this team grew a lot. Unfortunately, at the end of the year we ended up without any trophies, but I think it will set us up for a much more experienced squad next season.

How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I came here knowing that Brad was the number one keeper. The expectation was that he was going to leave and I was going to get my shot. I had a few games there and then they brought Zach [Thornton]. As a player I was disappointed because I wanted to play and I wanted to help the team and had to sit on the bench more time than I wanted to. But then my opportunity came and I thought it was a good step in my career. I think I proved to the team and to the fans and to the organization that I can be a part of this team and help it achieve things.
What was your favorite moment in 2008?
[The 1-0 win] against Santos. I think it was a very good game for me. I was getting things started in the right direction. After that we got in a four game winning streak and I was part of that, it was the first time in club history that we won four games in a row, after that clinching the playoff spot. It was nice to be there on the field as well.

Monday, December 8

Catching up with Justin Braun

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Justin Braun.
Any plans for the Holidays?
Staying in shape and obviously, playing some soccer when I can. I plan to stay at home with the family. I got relatives coming for Christmas. Just looking forward to seeing my family and spending time with all of them.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
We have our moments when we looked really good. There were moments where we weren’t looking too good. We dealt with a lot of injuries. I think we had a good season. I would call it a good season for us. I’m really looking forward to what 2009 brings for us.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I loved it. I loved every moment of it… to come here and experience this. It has been amazing for me. Hopefully I can have many more years in the league.


Friday, December 5

Diciembre con Paulo Nagamura

Con miras al descanso de las fiestas decembrinas, Dentro del Rebaño le pregunta a cada uno de los jugadores de Chivas USA sobre sus reflexiones en el 2008, sus planes para estos días festivos, así como un vistazo a lo que viene para el 2009. Hoy le presentamos a Paulo Nagamura:
Paulo, ¿qué planeas hacer en estas fiestas decembrinas?
Espero ir para Brasil para las vacaciones con mi familia, en año nuevo, así que voy a arreglar todos mis papeles y pasarla con mi familia. Aquí en Los Ángeles me quedo en casa y descanso, corro un poco en la playa para no perder mi forma física pero lo que más hago es descansar y quedarme en casa con mi esposa.
¿Cómo viste el 2008 para Chivas USA?
La verdad es que 2008 no fue un año malo, pero tampoco fue lo que esperábamos. Con el equipo que tenemos creo que deberíamos ir más lejos en la Liguilla, creo que podíamos avanzar más en la Liguilla Podemos decir que tenemos lesionados y suspendidos, un equipo que quiere conquistar algo tiene que pasar por todos esos obstáculos. No fue un año muy bueno, tenemos tiempo y los jugadores nuevos tienen que mejorar porque ahora tenemos experiencia.
¿Cómo viste el 2008 a nivel personal?
Mis objetivos de jugar todos los partidos y siempre estar en los 11 titulares siempre fue el objetivo mío y espero mejorar aún más en el año que viene.

Sub-18 de Chivas USA por televisión nacional!

No se pierda las emociones del equipo Sub-18 de Chivas USA enfrentando a su similar del equipo del Fire de Chicago en el segundo torneo anual Development Academy Winter Showcase del 5 al 8 de diciembre en el Lancaster National Soccer Center en Lancaster, California. En estos momentos se está transmitiendo el partido En Vivo por Fox Soccer Channel!
Los equipos Sub-18 y Sub 16 de Chivas USA enfrentarán mañana ante el Seacoast United el 7 de diciembre, y los Rapids de Colorado el lunes, 8 de diciembre. Todos los 148 equipos que representan 74 clubes, además del Equipo Sub-17 de los Estados Unidos participarán en un total de 240 partidos durante el torneo. Todos los partidos serán disputados en Lancaster National Soccer Center. Para más información sobre los Equipos Sub-16 y Sub-18, pueden visitar cdchivasusa.com o el Sitio de la Academia de Desarrollo.

Thursday, December 4

Jamaica earns 2-1 win in Carribean Championship

Shavar Thomas and Jamaica captured a 2-1 win on Wednesday in the team's opening game of the Digicel Carribean Championship, being held right now in Jamaica.

Thomas was an unused substitute in the win; the Reggae Boyz will next face Grenada on Friday in the second game of the Group Stage.

Here is a link to the match stats from Wednesday's win.

Here's some information on the tournament as a whole.

Catching up with Jesse Marsch

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Jesse Marsch.

PHOTO: JUAN MIRANDA/CHIVAS USAAny plans for the Holidays?

My kids are pretty much here for the school year, for Christmas we usually go back home to Chicago and Milwaukee to see family and friends. My wife and I are also planning a trip to Paris.

How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?

I feel that the team put a lot into it. In 2007, things were going pretty well for us at all times, it wasn’t like everyday we were asking each other questions and trying to figure things out. We were sticking to what we were all about and sticking to the plan. This year required more and as far as that goes, I think the players responded really well. Looking ahead I think there's a lot of quality in this team, in both talent and character. I don’t see why we can just retool a couple of things here and there and make a push in 2009 to be even better than this year and last year as well.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?

It was challenging because of what was going on with the team, it was challenging when I broke my jaw. I still think it was a good year for me because I tried doing everything I could to try to have this thing going in the right direction. I always judge my performance on how the team does and in that sense I’m not totally satisfied.

What was your favorite momment in 2008?
Probably the little bit of run we had at the end of the season when we won 7 of 8 games. I felt that at that point, a lot of the guys were contributing and things were going in the right direction, and just before the playoffs, we had key injuries.

Diciembre con Francisco Mendoza

Con miras al descanso de las fiestas decembrinas, Dentro del Rebaño le pregunta a cada uno de los jugadores de Chivas USA sobre sus reflexiones en el 2008, sus planes para estos días festivos, así como un vistazo a lo que viene para el 2009. Hoy le presentamos a Francisco Mendoza.

FOTO: JUAN MIRANDA/CHIVAS USADespués de una intensa temporada, ¿qué es lo que tienes planeado en este descanso en el mes de diciembre?
Voy a regresar a Guadalajara con mi familia. Tengo mucho tiempo que no los veo y que no convivo con ellos y lo que más quiero es aprovechar el tiempo ya que no puedo estar con ellos durante todo el año. Estar en la playa, estar con los pocos amigos que dejé en El Salto. También estar en la casa y cuando se pueda, salir a divertirse. Tenía pensado ir a Cuba, pero todavía tengo que ver si puedo ir o no, pero creo que sí voy a poder cumplir el deseo de ir a Cuba.
¿Cómo viste la temporada 2008 para Chivas USA?
Durante el torneo creo que hubo muchas barreras por los jugadores lesionados. Hubo muchos jugadores de mucha calidad que estuvieron fuera por lesión. Creo que la evalúo de bien. El equipo siempre fue de menos a más. Esta vez se llegó a los playoffs. Hubiera sido excelente si hubiéramos llegado a la final, así que la dejo en un 8.
¿Cómo te sientes de tus logros a nivel personal en el 2008?
Créenme que me sentí bastante bien conmigo mismo. Durante todo el torneo el entrenador me utilizó en varias posiciones. Creo que cumplí en las posiciones que me puso ya que nunca había jugado de defensa, por allá me pone de contención, de medio izquierdo. Me puso en cuatro posiciones pero creo que hice las cosas bien. Creo que me faltó meter un gol, ya que en esta temporada no metí ninguno pero necesito trabajar más para mantener el mismo nivel.

Tuesday, December 2

Chivas USA sostiene pruebas/Chivas USA to hold final tryouts

El viernes, 12 de diciembre, Chivas USA sostendrá sus Pruebas del Equipo Juvenil, así como también sus Pruebas Abiertas, en las canchas de Rancho Santa Susana en Simi Valley. Las Pruebas para las Fuerzas Básicas Sub-16 y Sub-18 de Chivas USA que participarán en la Academia de Desarrollo de los Estados Unidos estarán abiertas a los jugadores nacidos entre 1991 y 1995. Las Pruebas Abiertas estarán disponibles a jugadores mayores de 18 años. Ambos eventos comenzarán a las 4:00 p.m. el viernes, 12 de diciembre, en las canchas 2 y 3 en el Parque de Rancho de Santa Susana, 5005 Los Ángeles, Ave, Simi Valley. El costo es de 30 dólares para ambas pruebas y los jugadores pueden registrarse en cdchivasusa.com en la sección de Divisiones Inferiores o pueden llamar al teléfono 1-310-630-4564.

On Friday, Dec. 12, Chivas USA will host its final Youth Team Tryouts, as well as a round of Open Tryouts, at the Rancho Santa Susana Fields in Simi Valley. The Youth Team Tryouts are for the Chivas USA U-16 and U-18 Teams that participate in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, and are open to players born between 1991-1995. The Open Tryouts will be open to players aged 18 and over. Both events start at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 12, on Fields 2 & 3 at the Rancho Santa Susana Park, 5005 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley. The cost is 30 dollars for either tryout, and players can register online at the Youth Soccer section of cdchivasusa.com. More information can also be found by e-mailing jcano@cdchivasusa.com or calling 1-310-630-4564.

Wednesday, November 26

Chivas USA emerges unscathed from the Expansion Draft

The results are in, and it turns out that no Chivas USA players were selected in the Expansion Draft held this morning.

Seattle Sounders FC selected a total of ten players; here's the MLSnet.com release on their picks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 25

Union Ultras at MLS Cup... with the Crew?

This morning we were here in the Chivas USA Communications office reading through the news when we saw Greg Lalas' piece on SI.com about the fans at MLS Cup on Sunday, which he titled "An ode to passionate MLS fans."

In the article, he mentioned on of the Red-and-White's fan clubs, the Union Ultras:

"Here's to the Union Ultras, fans of Chivas USA, who threw their support behind Columbus. Why? I have no idea. But they cheered as vociferously as anyone."

We had also noticed that the Ultras were cheering for the Crew, but when we got to thinking, we realized we also had no idea why they were Columbus fans for the day. So we reached out to Union Ultras member John Sandate, who filled us in.

"It was in the spirit of good sportsmanship," Sandate told Dentro del Rebaño. Apparently a member of a Crew fan club, the Hudson Street Hooligans, e-mailed Sandate with the news that their normal drummers, La Turbina Amarilla, couldn't make it out for the Cup.

"She asked if we'd drum for them," says Sandate. "I asked my fellow members about it and all voted overwhlemingly in favor of helping them out."

"Officially, we did not cheer for Columbus as a whole group, but us drummers would play Columbus songs in the spirit of the game with our big drum. We also had fellow Union Ultras stand with us in unity. We really just wanted to make a positive statement in the name of Chivas USA. Call it supporting supporters."

The Crew fan clubs, located in the Northeast corner of The Home Depot Center, and plenty of other Columbus supporters throughout the stadium, responded positively.

"Many Columbus fans said they would cheer for Chivas USA in the Western Conference because of this. Everywhere we went throughout the stadium, Columbus fans would shake our hands and say thanks. "

When asked if he met any interesting Columbus fans, Sandate responded: "All the Columbus fans were interesting. They're from Ohio and we're from Southern California!"

Monday, November 24

Expansion Draft Information

Chivas USA, like every team in MLS, submitted today its list of 11 protected players for Wednesday's Expansion Draft, in which Seattle Sounders FC, which starts play next season, will take 10 players. Here's our press release on our protected roster list, and you can find the league list, with all the players that have been made available, by clicking here.

A few notes on the Expansion Draft:

- Each team was only able to protect 11 players, though Generation Adidas players are automatically protected. Chivas USA doesn't have any current Generation Adidas players (Sacha Kljestan is an alum of the program), but FC Dallas, for example, has five such players. Since the Red-and-White also signed Season Ending Injury replacements for Eric Ebert, Lawson Vaughn, and Raphael Wickly late this season, it means we have 20 players available to be selected in the Expansion Draft, more than any other team.

- Seattle has ten picks in the Draft, and can pick no more than one player per team. This means that four MLS teams will not lose anybody in the Expansion Draft.

- The Sounders have until Wednesday to make their decisions; the Expansion Draft will take place at 10:00 a.m. PT on Wednesday.

It is also interesting to see how much the format has changed since Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake were involved in the 2004 Expansion Draft. Back then, teams were able to protect 12 players, and players on the development rosters of teams were not included. After the struggles of both Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake in their first seasons, the Expansion Draft format was changed, and this year's draft is nearly identical to that of 2006 (for Toronto FC) and 2007 (for the San Jose Earthquakes).

Chivas USA has lost defenders in each of the previous two Expansion drafts. In 2006, Toronto selected Tim Regan, who now works as a scout for Toronto FC and played one match this season when Toronto was missing players due to international call-ups; that game was a 3-1 Chivas USA win in Toronto on Sept. 6. Prior to this past season, the San Jose Earthquakes picked Jason Hernandez from the Red-and-White, and Hernandez was protected by the Earthquakes this year.

Thursday, November 20

International updates

Yesterday was a busy day for some Chivas USA players in U.S. National Team jerseys. Sacha Kljestan and Jonathan Bornstein both played 90 minutes in the United States National Team's 2-0 win over Guatemala in Colorado, the final match of the semifinal round of World Cup Qualifying.

For the United States Under-20 National Team, Jorge Flores has played a pair of matches; on Wednesday, he scored in the U.S.' 5-3 loss to the Real Madrid Reserves, and on Thursday, he played 90 minutes again in a 0-0 draw with the Atletico Madrid Reserves. Flores and the U-20's have one more match on their trip to Spain, a friendly against the Rayo Vallecano Reserves on Saturday.

Wednesday, November 19

Flores scores vs. Real Madrid for U.S. U-20's

The United States Under-20 National Team is currently in Madrid for a training camp and three friendlies - the first of which was played against a Youth Team from Read Madrid. There will be a full write-up shortly on USsoccer.com, but in the meantime we've found out the the U.S. fell by a score of 5-3, but that Jorge played 90 minutes and scored one of the United States' goals, coming in the 27th minute.

We'll update this with the write-up later on. Congratulations Jorge!

Thursday, November 13

RSL @ Chivas USA game reaction!

Preki, goalkeeper Zach Thornton, and midfielders Jesse Marsch and Sacha Kljestan react to the season-ending draw and series loss to Real Salt Lake..

Sacha Kljestan appears in MLS Cup promo video

Follow this link to check out Sacha Kljestan in a commercial promo spot for MLS Cup.

Wednesday, November 12

Sasha Victorine, de Chivas USA, sostiene exitosamente una cirugía de rodilla/ Victorine sidelined 6-8 months following surgery

Sasha Victorine, de Chivas USA, sostuvo exitosamente una cirugía en la rodilla izquierda, realizada esta tarde en el Surgery Center of the Pacific en la ciudad de Santa Mónica. El procedimiento, el cual incluyó una menicectomía lateral, estuvo bajo la supervisión de los doctores del equipo, Dr. Michael Gerhardt y Dr. Bert Mandelbaum. Victorine se perdería de 6-8 meses para recuperarse de su operación.

Victorine, un graduado de UCLA y originario del Sur de California, llegó a Chivas USA proveniente de los Hechiceros de Kansas City en el último día de transacciones de la liga el 15 de septiembre. En cinco encuentros con los Rojiblancos, (cuatro de ellas como titular), Victorine registró dos tantos y una asistencia, en 340 minutos jugados con El Rebaño. Originalmente, Victorine sufrió la lesión en su rodilla en el último juego ante Colorado el 19 de octubre pasado.

Chivas USA’s Sasha Victorine successfully underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee this afternoon at the Surgery Center of the Pacific in Santa Monica, Calif. The procedure, which also included a lateral meniscectomy, was performed by team physicians Dr. Michael Gerhardt and Dr. Bert Mandelbaum. Victorine is expected to miss 6-8 months while recovering from the operation.

Victorine, a UCLA graduate and Southern California native, joined Chivas USA from the Kansas City Wizards in a deadline-day trade on Sept. 15. In five games with the Red-and-White (four starts), Victorine recorded two goals and an assist, logging 340 minutes. He originally suffered the injury to his knee in the match against the Colorado Rapids on Oct. 19.

Tuesday, November 11

'Somos Chivas USA' por Azteca 54 este sábado

‘Somos Chivas USA’ será transmitido por KAZA Azteca 54 a partir de las 1:30 p.m. Hora del Pacífico. Conducido por Mara Almada y Antonio Rosique, ‘Somos Chivas USA’ le da la afición la oportunidad de conocer a los jugadores de Chivas USA, ver análisis de los partidos y mucho más. No se pierda el programa hecho para los aficionados de Chivas USA este sábado, 15 de noviembre, por Azteca 54!.

Bornstein y Kljestan, de Chivas USA, son llamados al campamento de Estados Unidos

Los jugadores Jonathan Bornstein y Sacha Kljestan, ambos de Chivas USA, fueron llamados para integrar el campamento de la Selección Nacional de los Estados Unidos del 12 al 15 de noviembre próximo en el estadio Dick’s Sporting Goods Park de Commerce City, Colorado. El grupo de 19 jugadores, elegidos por el entrenador Bob Bradley, estará practicando con miras al partido de la Eliminatoria Mundialista el próximo 19 de noviembre ante Guatemala. La plantilla oficial de la Selección de Estados Unidos se dará a conocer el 16 de este mismo mes.

Bornstein y Kljestan fueron parte del conjunto nacional que cayó 2-1 en Trinidad y Tobado el pasado 15 de octubre. En ese encuentro, Kljestan participó en los 90 minutos, mientras que Bornstein se quedó en la banca, aunque fue la primera vez que fue convocado desde 2007. Bornstein, de Los Alamitos, ha sido convocado en 12 ocasiones con el equipo nacional, mientras que Kljestan, de Huntington Beach, ha sido llamado en 11 ocasiones durante su carrera.

Saturday, November 8

Chivas USA’s season comes to an end with 2-2 tie vs. Real Salt Lake in front of electric playoff crowd in Carson

Chivas USA entered the match trailing 1-0 on total goals after last Saturday’s match at Real Salt Lake, and tied the overall score after a half hour, when Ante Razov was taken down in the box. Sacha Kljestan took the resulting penalty kick, and struck high and to RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando’s left, just above his dive. The goal was Chivas USA’s first in the playoffs since October 22, 2006, snapping a scoreless streak of 412 minutes.
Real Salt Lake struck back nine minutes later when Javier Morales’ cross was headed in by Dema Kovalenko, giving RSL the overall back. The Utah side took a further lead deep into the second half when Morales dribbled through the Chivas USA box and hit a low shot into the corner of the net in the 77th minute, giving RSL a 2-1 lead on the night (3-1 overall).
Justin Braun pulled a goal back in the 83rd minute, receiving a Francisco Mendoza through ball and finishing with a hard shot to Rimando’s left. Though Chivas USA continued to push numbers forward in the closing minutes, the team fell short of getting a third goal and the series ended with RSL having the 3-2 advantage.
Real Salt Lake advances to the Western Conference Championship game, against the winner of the Houston Dynamo – New York Red Bulls series, Game 2 of which will be played Sunday in Houston. Chivas USA ends the season with a 12-11-7 record (W-L-T) in the regular season, and an 0-1-1 record in the playoffs.
Chivas USA Head Coach Preki, on tonight’s match: “You can’t discredit [our team’s] commitment, effort. I thought we gave everything we had tonight, I was just a little bit disappointed with the way we came out in Salt Lake. If we had the same type of commitment in Salt Lake, we would not have lost this. Give them credit, they pushed the tempo a little bit more than us, they maybe wanted it a little more than us at home, and they got the result. And here, they got two goals.” (For a full quote sheet, please visit cdchivasusa.com.)

Friday, November 7

Llega la hora de la verdad para Chivas USA

Chivas USA buscará mañana avanzar a la próxima ronda de la Liguilla de la Copa MLS 2008 ante Real Salt Lake, rival al que necesita derrotar por dos tantos para clasificar a la Final de la Conferencia Oeste ante el ganador de la serie entre Nueva York y los actuales campeones de la liga, el Dynamo de Houston.

Chivas USA cayó 1-0 en el partido de ida disputado en Utah y mañana en El Home Depot Center se descifrará todo a partir de las 7:30 p.m. Hora del Pacífico.

“Creo que para poder avanzar, tenemos que ir con todo y trataremos de vencerlos en todas las líneas”, indicó el defensa Jonathan Bornstein.

“Son un equipo peligroso pero también creemos que somos un equipo peligroso”, manifestó Preki.

“Necesitamos de dos goles, aunque obviamente primero necesitamos meter el primer gol. Creo que mientras más pronto metamos el primer tanto va a ser mejor, pero creo que el gol caerá tarde o temprano”, agregó el defensa Carey Talley.

Chivas USA tenía la semana pasada el 0-0 en su visita al Río Tinto Stadium, sin embargo, el equipo montañoso se fue adelante en el marcador en el último minuto de juego con un gol de “taquito” de Yura Movsisyan.

“No volverá a pasar, vamos a estar listos. Ya hemos visto el video y ya vimos como estuvo todo en Salt Lake y va a ser mucho más difícil para ellos”, señaló Zach Thornton, guardameta de Chivas USA.

Celebridades de Los Angeles le desean buena suerte a Chivas USA en la Liguilla

Varias celebridades del Sur de California participaron en un video en el cual le desean buena suerte a Chivas USA de cara al partido crucial de Liguilla en contra de Real Salt Lake. El video podrá ser visto en la pantalla gigante de El Home Depot Center antes del partido de vuelta, el cual dará inicio a las 7:30 p.m. Hora del Pacífico. Usted puede ver el video en nuestro Canal Oficial de Chivas USA en YouTube aquí:

Chivas USA hosts RSL in must-win MLS Playoffs match this Saturday

#2 Chivas USA vs. #3 Real Salt Lake
Western Conference Semifinal, Game 2 (of 2)
Saturday, November 8 – 7:30 p.m. PT
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Chivas USA returns to The Home Depot Center for a must-win matchup against Real Salt Lake in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinal this Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. PT. RSL captured a 1-0 victory in Utah on Nov. 1 thanks to a 90th-minute goal from Armenian striker Yura Movsisyan, a product of Pasadena High School and Pasadena City College. After last weekend’s result, Chivas USA has to win by two goals in Game 2 to advance to the Western Conference Final (vs. the winner of the New York Red Bulls – Houston Dynamo series). A one-goal win by Chivas USA would send Saturday’s game to overtime and penalty kicks, as necessary. The first 10,000 fans in attendance for this exciting playoff game in Carson will receive a free, limited-edition Chivas USA 2008 playoffs t-shirt, and the match will be Bonus Game 'C' for media parking passes and Chivas USA Season Ticket Holders. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1 or visiting cdchivasusa.com.

Los Angeles wishes Chivas USA good luck in the playoffs

Various celebrities from across the Southern California sports world have wished Chivas USA “good luck” in a special video message - check it out!

The video will air on The Home Depot Center’s Diamond Vision screen before Saturday's decisive Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinal against Real Salt Lake (kickoff 7:30 p.m. PT).

Click here for tickets!

Thursday, November 6

Preki pide concentración

El Director Técnico de Chivas USA, Preki, le pidió a sus jugadores concentración en el partido de vuelta del próximo sábado ante Real Salt Lake en El Home Depot Center de Carson. Chivas USA tiene desventaja de un tanto en el partido de ida y necesita de dos para avanzar a la siguiente ronda de la Liguilla de la Copa MLS.

“Tenemos que ir sobre ellos. A la misma vez no podemos exponernos mucho atrás y eso también va a depender de tener una buena concentración”, manifestó Preki.

“El año pasado merecíamos algo más. Ojalá que podamos jugar bien ante Real Salt Lake y que las cosas salgan bien el sábado”, agregó.

Preki añadió que no le preocupa la elección de arquero para el próximo sábado, ya que tiene “dos buenos porteros que han hecho un buen trabajo” en Dan Kennedy and Zach Thornton.

El Director Técnico del Rebaño alentó a la afición a apoyar al conjunto rojiblanco el sábado pasado en El Home Depot Center.

“Vimos en Salt Lake que fue importante para ellos tener una buena entrada, así que ojalá que los aficionados de Chivas USA vengan y nos vengan a apoyar”, señaló.

ALERT: Chivas USA players answering phones, 6-7 p.m. Thursday night!

If you're reading this, give us a call at 1-877-CHIVAS-1! Right now, until 7:00 p.m. PT, Chivas USA players are manning the phones in the sales office. Call and speak to Jorge Flores, Dan Kennedy, or Jim Curtin here in the Chivas USA offices, and order your tickets now!

A special two-pack, starting at 36 dollars, will get you a two tickets to the match, as well as an autographed player card from any of the following players:

- Jonathan Bornstein
- Alecko Eskandarian
- Jorge Flores
- Atiba Harris
- Dan Kennedy
- Sacha Kljestan
- Jesse Marsch
- Francisco Mendoza
- Paulo Nagamura
- Ante Razov
- Claudio Suárez

Tuesday, November 4

'El 1-0 no nos preocupa': Nagamura

De acuerdo al mediocampista brasileño de Chivas USA, Paulo Nagamura, la desventaja de 1-0 que tiene el conjunto Rojiblanco ante Salt Lake no les quita el sueño y declaró que el equipo está listo para darle la vuelta al resultado el próximo sábado en el partido de vuelta de la Semifinal de la Conferencia Oeste de la Liguilla 2008.

“El 1-0 es un marcador mínimo, no es grande la diferencia. Sabemos que podemos vencer a Salt Lake”, dijo el ex jugador de las fuerzas básicas del Sao Paulo y Arsenal.

Chivas USA tiene que ganar por un tanto para forzar la serie a tiempos extras y dos para avanzar a la Final de la Conferencia Oeste.

“El 1-0 es un marcador que no nos preocupa. Tenemos condiciones de revertir el marcador. El grupo de Chivas es muy fuerte. Tenemos jugadores con mucha experiencia y cualidades”, agregó Nagamura.

“Sabemos que le hemos ganado [a Salt Lake] 3-1 en casa… creo que con el apoyo de la gente de acá podemos sacar un resultado positivo”, insistió el brasileño.

Chivas USA será anfitrión del partido de vuelta ante el Real Salt Lake el sábado, 8 de noviembre, a las 7:30 p.m. Hora del Pacífico en El Home Depot Center. Los Rojiblancos buscan remontar una desventaja de 1-0 ante RSL para avanzar a la Final de la Conferencia Oeste. Para más información, llamar a 1-877-CHIVAS-1 o visite www.cdchivasusa.com.

Two tickets and an autograph...

We have a special deal for fans looking to come out to this Saturday's must-win playoff game at The Home Depot Center. Chivas USA is taking on Real Salt Lake in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinal, and for just $36, fans can get two tickets and an autographed player card of their favorite Chivas USA player.

More information can be found here, or by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1.

Don't miss your chance to see this exciting playoff match!

Monday, November 3

Alecko Eskandarian on Fox Football Fone-In tonight

Be sure to tune in to Fox Soccer Channel tonight at 5:00 p.m. PT (8:00 p.m. ET) for Fox Football Fone-in with Steven Cohen and Nick Webster. Chivas USA forward Alecko Eskandarian will be on the show, answering questions from the hosts, as well as fans, on the live program. Alecko's appearance will take place in the second hour of the program. Tune in!

Saturday, November 1

Postgame Reactions: Real Salt Lake 1-0 Chivas USA


On the result:
“For a moment it was going to be one of those days where we escape, not conceding a goal and putting ourselves in a good spot going home. But one play off of the throw in, we fall asleep for a second, and it’s one-nothing.”

On Chivas' must-win game Saturday in Carson:
“We’re in the same spot as we were last year [vs. Kansas City]. We’re going home and hopefully this time it will be a little different for us. Even if it was 0-0 here we’d have to go home and win, so we have to win no matter what.”

On GK Zach Thornton’s performance:
“I thought Zach was solid. He made some big saves for us and kept us in the game on a couple of occasions.”


On the match:
"We didn’t play great, by any means. [RSL] came after us pretty hard. Around the 65th minute it calmed down a little bit, and we had chances to play and created a little bit more, but we were two minutes away from accomplishing what you set out to do when you come on the road. It’s unfortunate and we’re disappointed and upset, but it’s halftime right now. We’re going home and you have to score a goal to advance anyway. So we’re going to take it to them at home like they took it to us here.”


On playing his first postseason game in front of friends and family in Salt Lake City:
“The emotions were going, but I was just trying to keep them under control. Just stay relaxed and play like it was any other game. It’s always exciting to come to the hometown and play and I wanted to play well, but I just tried to keep the emotions to the minimum.”


On the result:
“Things didn’t go our way. Hopefully next weekend we’ll get some guys back, get our regular line-up going, but there are no guarantees. The only thing we need to do is play our game, try to create as many chances as we can early on in the game against Salt Lake at home. That’s all we can ask for.”

Morning Coffee

A quick look at the daily newspapers ahead of this afternoon's match:

* The Press-Enterprise sits down with former Real Salt Lake captain Carey Talley, who says of his midseason move from RSL to Chivas USA:
"[Rio Tinto] was a stadium I was actually looking forward to being the captain in and opening that stadium. I had to leave because it was time for me to leave."
* The Salt Lake Tribune examines RSL's 3-8-3 (W-L-T) all-time record vs. Chivas USA in official competition. The paper also has a feature on RSL midfielder Andy Williams and his wife Marcia's battle with leukemia.

* La Opinión details the Red-and-White's continued injury woes.

* The Los Angeles Times analyzes the Chivas USA goalkeeping situation, with veteran Zach Thornton filing in for the suspended Dan Kennedy.

* The Los Angeles Newspaper Group examines Chivas USA's three-year playoff history.

* Mexico City daily Excélsior profiles the MLS playoffs through he eyes of midfielder Francisco Mendoza.

* The Deseret News discusses RSL's title hopes and the divergent - and reconvergent - paths of the two franchises.

Today's weather forecast (according to the experts at weather.com) calls for party cloudy skies and an unseasonably warm temperature of 65° F, with a 10% chance of precipitation at kickoff, increasing to 20% by late evening.

Friday, October 31

All along the Wasatch

Ahead of tomorrow’s playoff opener vs. Real Salt Lake, Chivas USA arrived this evening in Utah after a quick two-hour flight from LAX to Salt Lake City International Airport.

Particularly excited to be back home was rookie standout and Salt Lake City native Justin Braun. The 21-year-old forward saw a few minutes of action in his old stomping grounds during the team’s last trip to Utah, coming on as an 85th-minute sub in Chivas USA’s 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake on Sept. 20.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said Braun, who was profiled in today's edition of the Deseret News. “It’s going to be nice to see the family and friends and I’m looking forward to hopefully playing in front of them.”

Having defeated RSL on their old turf at Rice-Eccles Stadium, Braun is anxious to check out the home team’s new digs.

“All my friends have been to Rio Tinto Stadium and they say it’s immaculate. They say it’s one of the best stadiums they’ve seen.”

And not only is Chivas USA expected to be cheered on by the traveling Union Ultras fan club (see below), plus assorted representatives from the Legión 1908 chapters of Utah, Colorado, Idaho and California; Braun is also expecting a contingent of his own.

“I’ll have a lot of friends and family there wearing the Chivas colors,” he said. “Last time here there were about 70 people, between my friends, family and friends of the family. So there should be a pretty good section for us.”

In addition, Chivas USA was accompanied on its mid-afternoon flight by a pair of journalists from Los Angeles: KMEX Univision 34 sports anchor Enrique Gutiérrez and cameraman Juan Paz. Gutiérrez will be reporting live from Salt Lake City before and after Game 1 of the Red-and-White’s Western Conference Semifinal Series. Tune in to Channel 34 at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights to see more.

Meanwhile, by land, a bus carrying 50 members of the Union Ultras fan club is expected to depart at 9 p.m. PT Friday night from The Home Depot Center, to make the 10-hour trip to Salt Lake City in time for tomorrow’s match in nearby Sandy, Utah. Ultras members who are not traveling will be attending a special viewing party at Red Vest Pizza in Sylmar, Calif, to which all soccer fans are cordially invited.

Saturday’s Game 1 between Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake will be broadcast live at 3 p.m. PT (6 p.m. ET) across the U.S., on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports en Español, and in Latin America on Fox Sports. The decisive Game 2 of the series takes place at The Home Depot Center on Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. PT.

Buena suerte Chivas USA!

Esta mañana, en día de Halloween, los empleados de las oficinas de Chivas USA mostraron su solidaridad con jugadores y Cuerpo Técnico de cara al importante encuentro de ida de la primera ronda de la Liguilla, la cual se disputará en Salt Lake.

Varios de los empleados estaban disfrazados para festejar el día y no dudaron en desearles buena suerte a todos los jugadores durante el entrenamiento realizado en la Cancha de Atletismo de El Home Depot Center. Después de la práctica, los jugadores de Chivas USA abordaron el autobús rumbo al Aeropuerto de Los Ángeles.

Aquí están algunas fotos de esta mañana:

Chivas USA's Jim Curtin, a Philadelphia native, celebrates Phillies victory

Chivas USA defender Jim Curtin was born and raised near Philadelphia, and even attended Villanova University, just northwest of the City of Brotherly Love. Always a passionate fan of the Philly sports teams, Curtin was thrilled to see the Philadelpha Phillies close out the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night in the fifth game of the World Series, capturing their first MLB championship since 1980, and the city of Philadelphia’s first title in any sport since 1983.

While Philadelphia celebrates today with a parade, Curtin travels to Salt Lake City with the rest of the Chivas USA team ahead of Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals, to be played tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. PT. About to board the plane with the team, Curtin
weighed in with Dentro del Rebaño on the Phillies’ success, his recollections of his native city’s previous triumphs, and what the Red-and-White have to do to win the MLS Cup this year.

Dentro del Rebaño: How closely have you been following the Phillies run through the playoffs, and their win on Wednesday?
Jim Curtin: I went to all their games that were out here in LA, and the guy that lives next door to me that’s from Philadelphia as well, and we just took turns going to each other’s house to watch the playoff games. It was a blast. I woke up my baby and held her in front of the TV – the old cliché story – to show her, at nine months, she was part of the World Series, our first World Series in a long time.

DdR: How old were you when a Philadelphia team last won a championship? How about when the Phillies last won?
I was four years old and I remember celebrations, but I didn’t really follow that team [the NBA Champion 1983 Philadelphia 76ers]. I mean, the Sixers were in my family, but I wasn’t into it because I was only four. I was at the 1980 parade [for the last time the Phillies won the World Series] as a one-year old. My parents took me to that. Kind of ironic, I suppose, that I have about a one-year old now, and they won it again.

DdR: I bet you’re hoping she doesn’t have to wait as long as you did for the next championship?
I don’t want to be a grandfather for the next parade, I want to be able to get to one of those parades live!

DdR: As a Philadelphia native, what would you say to this Phillies team?
Thank you! That’s a team that I’ll remember forever, all those guys had a great year. I pretty much was watching every game during the course of the year, and they kind of embody the city; there’s no real superstar, or arrogant guy, it’s just a good fundamental team that’s kind of blue-collar and hardworking. I think they represent the city of Philadelphia well, and they’re a team that everyone embraced, and obviously loves now, and will remember forever.

DdR: Does the Phillies win inspire you as Chivas USA heads into the playoffs for the third straight season?
Of course. Anytime you see those celebrations after the game with the champagne and all that stuff, it’s something that I’ve been able to experience twice when I was in Chicago and there’s no better feeling. Any individual awards and all that stuff means nothing compared to a team winning a trophy at the end of the year. It’s huge.

DdR: What does the team need to do tomorrow night before Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals at Real Salt Lake?
We’ve got to come out and set the tone early. It’s going to be a physical series. I mean, you watch a game like last night like Chicago-New England, it’s not necessarily the prettiest soccer, it’s just about guys being willing to go out, stick to our game plan, and fight for the team. Obviously when you go on the road first you want to be cautious, not give up a goal, and then come home and play in front of our home fans where we know we have an advantage. The fans will get nuts behind us and make some noise, and that should be enough to push us over the edge for sure, and get us into the Western Conference Final.

Curtin, here with his wife Jen and daughter Ryan Marie, at a Phillies/Dodgers game at Chavez Ravine in August.

Chivas USA opens at RSL in first leg of Western Conference Semifinal

Chivas USA faces fellow 2005 expansion side Real Salt Lake, in the postseason for the first time in club history, in the two-game Western Conference Semifinal, with Game 1 of the home-and-home series taking place this Saturday, Nov. 1, at 3:00 p.m. PT (4:00 p.m. MT), at RSL’s brand-new Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah. Chivas USA will then host the decisive second leg on Saturday, Nov. 8, at 7:30 p.m. PT at The Home Depot Center. The first 10,000 fans in attendance for the Nov. 8 match in Carson will receive a free, limited-edition Chivas USA 2008 playoffs t-shirt. The match will be Bonus Game 'C' for media parking passes and Chivas USA Season Ticket Holders, and tickets can be purchased by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1 or visiting cdchivasusa.com.

You can watch our game preview on our Official YouTube Channel here:

Cuestión de mentalidad en Chivas USA

El Director Técnico de Chivas USA, Preki, explicó que el conjunto Rojiblanco necesita mentalizarse para disputar cada encuentro de la Liguilla como si fuera el último y señaló que hay que tomar los partidos “uno por uno” rumbo a la Copa MLS.

“Pensamos en nosotros y en lo que podemos hacer, no pensamos en otras cosas. Tomamos un juego a la vez y nos enfocamos en estar listos”, indicó Preki, quien durante la campaña sufrió un promedio de casi 6 jugadores lesionados por partido. El entrenador tuvo que utilizar a varios de sus jugadores suplentes y además buscar algunos refuerzos, lo que resultó en un grupo muy fuerte de trabajo.

“Tiene que ser una cuestión de mentalidad entre todos nosotros. Tenemos que trabajar duro todos los días, dar todo de si mismos, hay que tener la misma mentalidad y así podremos hacer el trabajo en la cancha”, indicó el entrenador.

Por su parte, el arquero Dan Kennedy, quien no estará en el partido de ida ante Real Salt Lake en Río Tinto Stadium el próximo sábado debido a que recibió una tarjeta roja, declaró que confía en la habilidad de Zach Thornton.

“Necesitamos ir ahí y sacar un resultado esté yo en la portería o no. Estas cosas son difíciles porque personalmente estoy muy molesto pero al final del día queremos estar aquí el 23 de noviembre y después nada de eso importara”, afirmó el portero.

Thursday, October 30

Tranquilidad en Thornton

El guardameta Zach Thornton llegó el pasado 1 de agosto a las filas de las Chivas USA, horas antes del partido ante el Fire en Chicago para cubrir el hueco dejado por Brad Guzan. Sería un escenario que haría temblar a cualquier novato, sin embargo no para Thornton, quien este fin de semana le tocará reemplazar a Dan Kennedy en la portería titular en el partido de ida de la serie de Liguilla entre Chivas USA y Real Salt Lake. Con 13 años de experiencia en la liga, Thornton ha sido Portero del Año de la MLS, campeón de la Copa MLS y tres veces monarca de la Copa Abierta.

“No tengo ningún tipo de presión, he estado en varios partidos como estos durante mi carrera y no siento nada de presión”, indicó Thornton, quien se lesionó el 6 de septiembre en un juego en Toronto y no tuvo acción hasta el minuto 52 del sábado pasado cuando Kennedy fue expulsado y Thornton estuvo bajo los tres palos.

“Fue una situación muy difícil de entrar pero es el trabajo que tiene un arquero substituto, el estar listo para hacer lo mejor posible y darle la oportunidad de ganar a tu equipo”, indicó el guardameta.

Tuesday, October 28

Foto del Día

Una dulce sorpresa

De izquierda a derecha. El arquero de Chivas USA, Lance Parker, el delantero Justin Braun y la mascota ChivaFighter posan para una foto junto a un niña y su madre durante la visita de Chivas USA a la Escuela Primaria Caldwell de Compton. Más de 300 niños de esa escuela fueron sorprendidos con la visita de los jugadores de Chivas USA disfrazados de superhéroes en anticipo a Halloween en Compton, CA. CORTESIA CHIVAS USA

Sunday, October 26

Chivas opens playoffs next Saturday in Utah / Chivas abre la Liguilla el 1º de Noviembre en Utah

A last-minute goal from defender Jim Curtin, his first tally since April 8, 2006, gave Chivas USA a 1-1 tie Saturday night with the Houston Dynamo on Fan Appreciation Night at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.
The Red-and-White finish the regular season with a 12-11-7 record (W-L-T) and now head to the playoffs for the third consecutive season.
Chivas USA will face Real Salt Lake at brand-new Rio Tinto Stadium next Saturday, Nov. 1 at Sandy, Utah. Chivas USA then hosts RSL on Saturday, Nov. 8, in the second leg of the two-game Western Conference Semifinal Series.

Houston scored the first goal of tonight’s match on a penalty in 52nd minute of the game after Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy was given a red card for a foul in the box on Houston striker Nate Jaqua. Dwayne De Rosario scored the penalty, as the Dynamo (14-5-11, 53 points) finished first in the Western Conference.
Kennedy was replaced in the match by Zach Thornton, who made his first appearance since injuring his hamstring on Sept. 6 in Toronto. With a one match suspension for the red card, Kennedy will miss the first match of the playoffs, next Saturday in Utah.
The Red-and-White learned their first-round playoff opponent at halftime of tonight’s game, when the match between Real Salt Lake and Colorado Rapids ended. RSL needed a draw to secure the third and final guaranteed playoff spot in the Western Conference, and a Yura Movsisyan goal in the 90th minute gave Real a 1-1 tie.
Chivas USA Head Coach Preki, on the match: “After [the penalty] it was very difficult for us, but once again, the guys in the locker room don’t quit. They keep going, they keep fighting, and they got rewarded at the end.”(For a full quote sheet, please visit cdchivasusa.com.)
The match saw the return to the field for several Chivas USA players, including MF Francisco Mendoza (R foot contusion), MF Paulo Nagamura (R knee sprain), Claudio Suárez (L knee contusion), and GK Zach Thornton (L hamstring tear). The Red-and-White were without several others due to injury: DF Eric Ebert (R knee lateral meniscus surgery); FW Maykel Galindo (sports hernia surgery); DF Lawson Vaughn (L ankle surgery); MF Sasha Victorine (L knee sprain); MF Raphael Wicky (R ankle surgery)
Chivas USA now heads into the playoffs for the third straight season, and will play Real Salt Lake in the first-round, home-and-home Western Conference Semifinal. The first leg takes place on Saturday, Nov. 1 in Utah.
The Red-and-White will then host RSL on Saturday, Nov. 8 at The Home Depot Center at 7:30 p.m. at The Home Depot Center. The first 10,000 fans in attendance on the night will receive a free, limited-edition Chivas USA 2008 playoffs t-shirt. Tickets for the squad’s third consecutive appearance in MLS postseason play, starting at just $14, are now on sale by visiting cdchivasusa.com, or calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1.

Friday, October 24

'Hay que aprovechar el momento' :

El legendario defensa mexicano Claudio Suárez le pidió a sus compañeros no desperdiciar la oportunidad de conquistar la Copa MLS este año y explicó que hay que tener una mentalidad ganadora en la Liguilla.

“Muchas veces uno cree que va a tener esa oportunidad otra vez… y cuando te das cuenta ya pasó el tiempo y me ha tocado ver jugadores que nunca han sido campeones, por eso es importante que se mentalicen de trabajar duro y no dejar esta oportunidad”, expresó el defensa mexicano.

“Sé que es de mis últimas oportunidades [de ganar el título] y no la quiero dejar pasar, es por eso que quiero encarar estas finales junto con mis compañeros… lo que les quiero transmitir a mis compañeros es de que tenemos que tener esa mentalidad de lograr el título”, declaró Suárez, quien al final de la temporada tomará una decisión sobre su retiro o continuidad en el futbol profesional.

“Pienso que he hecho una bonita carrera a tope. Analizando, he tenido muy pocas veces bajones de juego. No es fácil mantenerte a un buen nivel, siempre la gente se acostumbra a verte de un momento y no quiero llegar a esa situación donde el futbol te rebasa”, comentó el nacido en Texcoco, México.

Suárez añadió que cuando llegue el momento de su retiro, será de mucha tristeza para él.

“Va a ser un momento difícil. Es una gran nostalgia. El diario ir con tu maletita al entrenamiento y de estar conviviendo con tus compañeros, y de repente, cortarlo es difícil pero tienes que aceptarlo. La vida sigue. Creo que lo más importante es aceptarlo mentalmente. Yo sé que ya son mis últimas y por eso estoy disfrutando todo lo que hago”, agregó.

Chivas USA disputará el último encuentro de la temporada regular este sábado, 25 de octubre, a las 7:30 p.m. en El Home Depot Center, en Noche de Aficionados, donde habrá sorteos y regalos durante toda la noche. Los primeros 7,500 aficionados recibirán un balón de futbol cortesía de Chivas USA a la entrada al estadio.

Chivas USA inicia su participación en la Liguilla el sábado, 1 de noviembre, ante Real Salt Lake o Colorado con el partido de ida en una de las ciudades ya mencionadas. Luego, Chivas USA será anfitrión en el partido de vuelta el 8 de noviembre, a las 7:30 p.m. Hora del Pacífico en El Home Depot Center. Para más información, llamar a 1-877-CHIVAS-1 o visite http://www.cdchivasusa.com/.

Chivas USA Reserves in action on Sunday

The Chivas USA Reserves played a pair of matches over the course of the last week, posting a win and a loss to bring the team's record to 4-4-3 (W-L-T) on the 2008 season.

The team beat the Colorado Rapids Reserves 2-1 on Sunday, thanks to goals from Keith Savage and Anthony Hamilton. The Red-and-White then fell to the San Jose Earthquakes Reserves 2-1 on Tuesday, with Roberto Nurse's header counting for the lone Chivas USA goal.

The Reserves will play their final match of the season this Sunday, Oct. 26, against the Houston Dynamo Reserves. The match will start at 10:00 a.m. on Field 6 at The Home Depot Center.

A pair of players have been called up for the Reserve match, and will be eligible on Sunday (though not for Saturday night's first-team game). Those players are Joe Barton, a goalkeeper formerly of Cal State Northridge and the Atlanta Silverbacks (USL), and Trey Lee, a defender who played at UC Riverside.

Chivas USA celebrates Fan Appreciation Night vs. Houston

Chivas USA will play its final regular-season match against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 7:30 p.m. at The Home Depot Center, before heading to the MLS Cup Playoffs for the third straight season. Houston has already clinched first place in the Western Conference, and the Red-and-White have secured the second spot and will face either the Colorado Rapids or Real Salt Lake in the first round of the playoffs, starting Nov. 1. The Oct. 25 game is Fan Appreciation Night for the Red-and-White, with prize drawings, raffles, and giveaways held throughout the night. The first 7,500 fans will also receive a regulation-size Chivas USA soccer ball. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please call 1-877-CHIVAS-1 or visit cdchivasusa.com.

You can watch the game preview here:

Wednesday, October 22

Sin temor a nadie en Chivas USA

Los jugadores de Chivas USA aseguraron que el rival de la primera ronda de la Liguilla será de alta exigencia, ya sea Real Salt Lake o Colorado, aunque confiaron en poder vencer a ambos posibles rivales en la postemporada.

“Sin menospreciarlo, creo que Colorado es un equipo con un gran futbol pero creo que Salt Lake hace mejor las cosas, pero igual creo que estaremos listos para enfrentar al equipo que nos toque”, aseguró el joven pero experimentado carrilero izquierdo Francisco “Panchito” Mendoza.

“No nos importa realmente a quién le juguemos. Creo que Colorado y Real Salt Lake son dos equipos decentes, tuvimos grandes partidos como locales y visitantes ante ellos”, indicó por su parte Sacha Kljestan, el habilidoso mediocampista estadounidense.

Referente al encuentro del próximo sábado ante el Dynamo de Houston, Mendoza sostuvo que será “una lucha por el orgullo”.
“Lo tomamos como un clásico. Creo que lo único que se juega es el orgullo, el ganar para entrar bien en los playoffs. Es un partido complicado, de mucho choque, créeme que será un partido de mucho roce y de buen futbol”, dijo el mexicano, quien ha disputado varios encuentros de mucha garra ante los actuales campeones de la MLS.

Monday, October 20

Dejair habla sobre Chivas USA

El volante ofensivo brasileño de Chivas USA, Dejair, habla con "Dentro del Rebaño" sobre el encuentro de ayer ante los Colorado Rapids, así como de su llegada a la MLS con los colores rojiblancos.

Chivas USA Reserves capture 2-1 victory over Colorado Rapids

With second-half goals from midfielder Keith Savage and forward Anthony Hamilton, Chivas USA defeated 2-1 the Colorado Rapids Reserves in a match played Sunday afternoon on Field 6 at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. The win improved the Chivas USA Reserves’ record to 4-3-3 (W-L-T), while the Colorado Rapids Reserves dropped to 4-5-2.

However, it was Chivas USA who got on the scoresheet in the 47th minute of play, when Daniel Paladini crossed the ball from the right side to Keith Savage, whose low shot beat Sam Reynolds. The home team added a second goal on a set-up by Roberto Nurse, who headed the ball and passed it to Hamilton. The 23 year-old forward shot from close-range to put the score 2-0 at the 73rd minute of play.

Colorado never gave up and scored three minutes later. On a corner kick from the left side, Cesar Zambrano connected a volley from teammate Facundo Erpen that hit the lower corner of the net.

The Chivas USA Reserves will have two home games this upcoming week. The Red-and-White will face the San Jose Earthquakes Reserves on Oct. 23 and the Houston Dynamo Reserves on Oct. 26. Both games will be at The Home Depot Center. The Colorado Reserves will face the Real Salt Lake in Colorado on Oct. 26. For more information on Major League Soccer’s Reserve Division, please visit http://web.mlsnet.com/mls/reserve/.

Chivas to learn playoff opponent next week / Chivas conocerá a su rival de Liguilla la próxima semana

On a clear Sunday afternoon at The Home Depot Center, a playoff-bound Chivas USA side fell 2-1 to Western Conference opponents the Colorado Rapids, who kept their postseason hopes alive with the win.
Chivas USA had already clinched the second spot in the West and will host the second game of a two-game playoff series on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. PT. However, the Red-and-White’s playoff opponent, either Real Salt Lake or Colorado, will not be decided until next Saturday, the final weekend of the regular season, when Real Salt Lake visits Colorado.
In a mach that featured two penalty kick calls in favor of the Rapids, Colorado’s Conor Casey scored the winning-spot kick in the 85th minute, beating Chivas USA GK Tom McManus. Earlier in the second half, Kennedy had stopped Tom McManus’ penalty kick to keep the score 0-0. Colin Clark opened the scoring for the visitors in the 67th, and Jonathan Bornstein had pulled Chivas level in the 72nd, before Casey’s 85th-minute winner.

For Sunday’s match, Chivas USA Head Coach Preki decided to give three key players a rest due to injury and national team duty: Sacha Kljestan (USA, vs. Cuba & Trinidad) and Francisco Mendoza (R foot contusion) both started the game on the bench, while captain Claudio Suárez (L knee contusion) was left out of the 18-player gameday roster as a precautionary measure.
However, injuries continued to plague Chivas USA, as MF Sasha Victorine suffered an apparent left knee sprain early in the first half and was replaced by Kljestan in the 25th minute. Victorine, who was acquired by the Red-and-White on Sept. 15, is scheduled to undergo an MRI tomorrow to determine the extent of the injury.
Preki, on the match: “I kind of had a feeling that it’s going to be tough for us just because already we’re in the playoffs. We’ve secured the second spot, so it’s tough to get the group of guys motivated. From the first moment I didn’t think we were sharp, we were losing the ball too easily. Colorado was a little harder than us, they wanted it a little more than us.” (For a full quote sheet, please visit http://www.cdchivasusa.com/.)

Saturday, October 18

Photo of the Day

LA Galaxy U-18 players wait outside Saturday's practice to take photos with their favorite Chivas USA players. Here, Claudio Suárez poses with Brian Angel.

Friday, October 17

Alta competencia en el arco

Durante el 2008, Chivas USA ha utilizado cuatro diferentes porteros bajo los tres palos: Brad Guzan, Lance Parker, Zach Thornton y Dan Kennedy. El Entrenador de Porteros, Leo Percovich, ha tenido que lidiar con transferencias de jugadores (Guzan), salidas de emergencia (Parker) y lesiones (Thornton), así como debutantes en la meta (Kennedy).

En los últimos cuatro encuentros, Kennedy ha permitido solamente una anotación y parece reafirmarse en la portería titular, aunque Thornton, con un desgarro de tendón, se recupera y avanza poco a poco hasta llegar al cien por ciento.

“Ahora la competencia quedó linda, lo que pasa es que hay que darle continuidad [a Kennedy]… un portero necesita cometer errores y seguir jugando y ahí es donde las cosas comienzan a fluir”, expresó Percovich.

“Danny demostró que cuando tuvo la chance, lo agarró con más fuerza. Ahora Zach tiene que seguir peleando y esperar una posibilidad, pero las chances son parejas. Lo importante es que el que queda fuera es estar presionando para que el que esté jugando para que lo haga mejor siempre para que no haga lo mismo otra vez, cuando se tiene porteros de buen nivel, se mejora el desempeño de todo”, agregó.

Chivas USA regresa este domingo, 19 de octubre, a El Home Depot Center para enfrentar a los Rapids de Colorado. Los niños de 16 años o menos serán admitidos con la compra de un boleto de adulto. Para comprar boletos para ambos encuentros, favor de llamar a 1-877-CHIVAS-1 o visite www.cdchivasusa.com.

Nuevos valores, lo mejor

Para Percovich, los nuevos talentos que salieron de Chivas USA son lo más sobresaliente en el equipo durante el 2008, sin importar lo que ocurra de aquí en adelante durante el campeonato.

“Lo que se rescata es el patrimonio de los jugadores que se quedan aquí, como Jorge Flores, que anotó tres goles, Dan Kennedy, Lance Parker, Justin Braun, eso es importantísimo. Fueron jugadores desconocidos, sin experiencia, que se dieron a conocer es algo que el club alcanzó este año”, expresó el Entrenador de Porteros.

Making MLS debuts with Chivas USA in 2008

For several reasons, including injuries, red-card suspensions, and the departure of goalkeeper Brad Guzan, Chivas USA has used a total of 26 different groups of 11 starters in its 28 MLS games. The team used the same starters on 5/24, 5/31, and 6/5, but other than that, each game has seen a different starting 11.

This season, Chivas USA Head Coach Preki has handed a first MLS start to no fewer than eleven players: goalkeeper Dan Kennedy, defenders Bobby Burling and Eric Ebert, midfielders Kraig Chiles, Dejair, Jorge Flores, Daniel Paladini, Keith Savage, and Raphaël Wicky, and forwards Justin Braun and Roberto Nurse. All – except Flores who came in as a substitute in one match in 2007 – have also made their MLS debuts this season.

In fact, Chivas USA could field a full team of players who have made their first MLS start this season, with each player in a position they have played in either a First Team or Reserve Team game during the 2008 season:



Thursday, October 16

CONFIRMED: Chivas USA to host playoff game on Saturday, Nov. 8

MLS has just confirmed that Chivas USA will host the second leg of its first-round playoff matchup on Saturday, November 8, at 7:30 p.m. PT.

The first leg of the series will be away, against an opponent to be determined in the final two weekends of the season, on the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

More on the playoff game, including ticket information, will soon be available at www.cdchivasusa.com.

Alecko tiene los pies en la tierra

El goleador de Chivas USA, Alecko Eskandarian, afirmó que el Rebaño está muy lejos de caer en exceso de confianza, a pesar de que hayan conseguido la clasificación a la Liguilla a dos fechas de finalizar la temporada regular.

“No hay posibilidad de que nos confiemos contra los otros equipos. Primero que nada, Preki es nuestro entrenador y no hay manera de que nos permita confiarnos. En segundo lugar, nosotros tenemos un equipo que no toma las cosas a la ligera… hemos pasado por muchas cosas últimamente… tenemos que lograr nuestra meta señalada”, dijo el autor de cinco tantos y dos asistencias en las nueve ocasiones que ha portado la casaca rojiblanca esta temporada debido a una lesión de ingle deportiva.

“Lo que me hizo seguir adelante fue que me ponía diferentes metas cuando veía el calendario de juegos. Me decía a mi mismo ‘voy a anotar tal cantidad de goles’. Como el delantero que soy, me gusta ponerme retos a mí mismo. Hay varias cosas que quiero cumplir todavía, no estoy satisfecho”, agregó.

Chivas USA regresa este domingo, 19 de octubre, a El Home Depot Center para enfrentar a los Rapids de Colorado. Los niños de 16 años o menos serán admitidos con la compra de un boleto de adulto. Para comprar boletos para ambos encuentros, favor de llamar a 1-877-CHIVAS-1 o visite www.cdchivasusa.com.

Confiaron en Preki

Según el arquero titular de Chivas USA, Dan Kennedy, el conjunto rojiblanco siempre confió en su entrenador Preki y aseguró que el equipo está en la Liguilla, gracias a que han recuperado a sus jugadores.

“Preki siempre nos dijo antes de la temporada ‘sigan trabajando, ‘sigan trabajando’. Ahora que los muchachos están regresando, su visión se está realizando y creo que nosotros estamos encontrando la química entre nosotros”, expresó Kennedy, quien en los últimos cuatro partidos sólo ha permitido un tanto en su meta.

Wednesday, October 15

Alecko Speaks

Today's practice was the first for Chivas USA at The Home Depot Center since the team clinched a spot in the playoffs with the 1-0 win at San Jose on Saturday. We caught up with Alecko Eskandarian after practice today to ask the former MLS Cup MVP (2004) about the team's stretch run, the upcoming home games, his season, and the playoffs:

Dentro del Rebaño: There are two games left in the regular season. What does the team have to do against Colorado and Houston on the next two weekends?
Alecko Eskandarian: We have to work on our good habits. It’s easy for teams for relax but for us we have a bigger goal in mind. So in order to reach our ultimate goal we have to work and really focus on the little things and keep focused for the playoffs.

DdR: With six wins in the last seven games, and on the first four-game winning streak in Red-and-White history, is there a worry about becoming overconfident?
AE: There is no chance of being overconfident against the other teams. I don’t think we're the type of guys that will take things lightly, because we have veteran guys and good young guys and we've been through a lot this year. So we're not going to get ahead of ourselves just because we've had a couple of good games. We have to keep working hard and try to reach our ultimate goal.

DdR: This recent run (undefeated in the last eight games, securing at least second place in the Western Conference, four straight wins) has been great for the club. Why do you think the team has done so well lately?
AE: Overall, winning solves everything. Once you start winning a couple of games, everybody starts feeling good about themselves, confidence grows, training is better. Winning is the cure for everything.

DdR: You were hurt for most of the season, but since coming back from injury, you've scored four goals and the team is 6-0-0 with you in the starting lineup. Did you think all along that you were going to finish the regular season like this?
AE: To be honest, I did. That’s what kept me going. The whole time I was injured, I kept thinking that I hopefully I could comeback by this time; I would come in and I look at the schedule and would set my own goals… that I would score these many goals. As a forward that’s what I tried to do, to challenge myself. There are more things that I want to accomplish, I’m not satisfied yet.

Chivas USA on ESPN.com

A feature story on Chivas USA was published this morning on ESPN.com, as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month coverage. The author of the article, Mary Buckheit, was here for the Aug. 14 Super Clásico against the Galaxy, and spent time with both the Legión and the Union Ultras during the game.
Check out the article by clicking this link, or take a look at ESPN's full Hispanic Heritage Month coverage.

Tuesday, October 14

'Soccer Collies' to perform at halftime of this Sunday's match:

The Soccer Collies, the ‘world’s greatest soccer dogs,’ will give a special performance at halftime of this Sunday’s match between Chivas USA and the Colorado Rapids, which starts at 12:00 noon PT at The Home Depot Center. The two collies, Ms. Z and BEK, each have unique soccer skills; Ms. Z can catch the ball between her paws, and BEK charges up the field while dribbling the ball with his nose. The dogs will also be available before the game in ChivaTown for photos and to play with fans. For tickets to the match, call 1-877-CHIVAS-1 or visit http://www.cdchivasusa.com/.

Monday, October 13

Jesse Marsch on tonight's Fox Football Fone-In

Chivas USA midfielder Jesse Marsch will appear on tonight’s Fox Football Fone-In, which runs on Fox Soccer Channel every Monday from 5:00-7:00 p.m. PT. The 13-year MLS veteran will discuss Chivas USA’s clinching a playoff spot for the third straight year, the Red-and-White’s recent success in the league, and many other topics. Tune in to Fox Football Fone-In tonight at 5:00 p.m. PT on Fox Soccer Channel!

Sunday, October 12

Nurse, Hamilton lead Reserves over San Jose

Following Saturday's first-team win over San Jose, the Chivas USA Reserves earned a 3-1 win over the San Jose Earthquakes Reserves Sunday morning on the campus of Santa Clara University. Forward Roberto Nurse scored on either side of an Anthony Hamilton tally to give the Red-and-White the win. Below is today's starting lineup; a full match report with substitutions will be available shortly on cdchivasusa.com:

Chivas USA Reserves (4-4-2):
* = Guest player

Lance Parker #21
Carey Talley #12 (C) - *Cameron Dunn #35* - Jim Curtin #3 - Gerson Mayen #34
Keith Savage #22 - Kraig Chiles #37 - Daniel Paladini #31 - Jorge Flores #19
Roberto Nurse #20 - Anthony Hamilton #32

On the bench:
*Ian Etherington #33*
*John 'Trey' Lee #36*
*Joe Barton #42*

Chivas USA clinches playoff spot

On Saturday night in Santa Clara, Calif., Chivas USA clinched its third consecutive playoff berth with a 1-0 win over the San Jose Earthquakes in front of a standing-room only crowd of 10,502 at Buck Shaw Stadium on the campus of Santa Clara University.

MLS Rookie of the Year candidate Justin Braun (Salt Lake City, Utah) put the Red-and-White ahead early, scoring off an Alecko Eskandarian pass in the 7th minute, to give Chivas USA a full share of the points and improve the Red-and-White’s record to 12-10-6 (W-L-T).

With two games remaining in the campaign, Chivas USA clinched a playoff berth for the third consecutive season. With 42 points, the Red-and-White can finish no lower than third place in MLS's Western Conference: Chivas USA holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Real Salt Lake (2 wins in 3 games this season); furthermore, Real Salt Lake (36 pts) and Colorado Rapids (34 pts) cannot both earn maximum points from their remaining matches, as they play each other on the final weekend of the regular season.

The result also moved Chivas USA to within one point of the Western Conference’s first-place team, the Houston Dynamo. However, the Dynamo have two games in hand over Chivas USA: Sunday's game vs. D.C. United and Wednesday’s game vs. San Jose, both at Robertson Stadium in Houston.

Rookie Justin Braun, who just a year ago was playing amateur soccer for club side Olympique Montreux in a Utah men’s league, earned his fourth goal of the campaign, tying him with fellow rookie Kheli Dube of the New England Revolution. In total, Braun has played in 22 regular-season games for Chivas USA in 2008 (starting 10) logging 1154 minutes and recording 4 goals and 2 assists.

Offseason acquisition Alecko Eskandarian, who assisted on Braun’s goal, picked up his 2nd assist of the season, marking the fourth consecutive game he has earned either a goal or an assist. In just 9 appearances this season, Eskandarian now has 5 goals and 2 assists; Chivas USA is currently 6-0-0 in games Eskandarian has started.

2008 MLS Coach of the Year candidate Preki has now guided Chivas USA to the playoffs for the second consecutive year under his stewardship – despite fielding 26 different lineups in 28 games due to injury and international absence. In fact, Chivas USA has been missing an average of nearly 6 players a game to injury alone this season.

Once again, Chivas USA was without nine players due to injury and international absence: MF Dejair (R groin strain); DF Eric Ebert (R knee lateral meniscus surgery); FW Maykel Galindo (sports hernia surgery); MF Paulo Nagamura (R knee sprain); GK Zach Thornton (L hamstring tear); DF Lawson Vaughn (L ankle ligament insufficiency); and MF Raphael Wicky (R ankle surgery); as well as Sacha Kljestan (USA vs. Cuba) and Shavar Thomas (Jamaica vs. Mexico).

Chivas USA Head Coach Preki, on the match: “I’m very happy with the result tonight, it’s a tough place to get a result and they’re a good team and I give full credit to our guys. We never panicked, we fought and when we needed to we created chances and were happy to take the win.” (A full quote sheet is available at cdchivasusa.com.)

Chivas USA was supported during the match by more than 50 enthusiastic members of the Union Ultras supporters group, who made the nearly 400-mile bus trip from Southern California to support the Red-and-White in its first away game at San Jose since 2005.

UPDATE: Chivas USA is scheduled to resume training Wednesday at The Home Depot Center ahead of Sunday’s match vs. Colorado.

Chivas USA will close the regular season with two consecutive home matches, first facing the Colorado Rapids on Sunday, Oct. 19, at noon, where the first 7500 fans through the gates will receive a limited-edition Chivas USA hat. The team then closes the season on Saturday, Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m. against the Houston Dynamo on Fan Appreciation Night, which features raffles, giveaways, and prizes for fans, including a special Chivas USA soccer ball.