Friday, December 12

Catching up with Jim Curtin

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Jim Curtin.
Any plans for the Holidays?
Me and my wife are going to go down to the New Jersey shore and we have a big football game on the beach – it’s a good time to go see friends and family. I’ll probably stay there until Christmas. I’m going to be working with a guy in Philadelphia to stay in shape. Once I get back here to The Home Depot Center, I’ll come back and I’ll stay here to stay in shape and get ready for the season next year. It’s one of those things that seems like a long time, but it goes by really quick. Obviously I’m motivated to do the hard work in the offseason because it pays off going into preseason.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
It was kind of a rollercoaster season. All things considered, it was great to make the playoffs. The goal was to win the MLS Cup, and we don’t use injuries as an excuse but when you have so miss a lot of guys and you don’t play the same lineup a lot, it’s difficult. With [the injuries], it was crazy, unlucky things; it was tough. Obviously everybody is disappointed on how it ended.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I could have done some things better, I could have contributed a little more to the team. But it was a rollercoaster season for all of us.