Tuesday, December 9

Catching up with Dan Kennedy

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Dan Kennedy.
Any plans for the Holidays?
I’m not going to be leaving Southern California – I’m going to be training a little bit. Trying to stay in shape during the Holidays and then once January comes around, I should be stepping it up and getting ready for preseason. It’s going to be nice, to take your mind off a little bit and spend some more time with the family, but I’m still looking forward to preseason.
I have a trip planned with friends – every year; we go to Vegas for a weekend. Then I’ll go to San Francisco for New Years – I have some family there as well.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
We had a lot of setbacks due to injuries, suspensions, and trades. We were a little bit unlucky. A lot of people got opportunities, including myself… I think that as a whole this team grew a lot. Unfortunately, at the end of the year we ended up without any trophies, but I think it will set us up for a much more experienced squad next season.

How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I came here knowing that Brad was the number one keeper. The expectation was that he was going to leave and I was going to get my shot. I had a few games there and then they brought Zach [Thornton]. As a player I was disappointed because I wanted to play and I wanted to help the team and had to sit on the bench more time than I wanted to. But then my opportunity came and I thought it was a good step in my career. I think I proved to the team and to the fans and to the organization that I can be a part of this team and help it achieve things.
What was your favorite moment in 2008?
[The 1-0 win] against Santos. I think it was a very good game for me. I was getting things started in the right direction. After that we got in a four game winning streak and I was part of that, it was the first time in club history that we won four games in a row, after that clinching the playoff spot. It was nice to be there on the field as well.