Thursday, December 4

Catching up with Jesse Marsch

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Jesse Marsch.

PHOTO: JUAN MIRANDA/CHIVAS USAAny plans for the Holidays?

My kids are pretty much here for the school year, for Christmas we usually go back home to Chicago and Milwaukee to see family and friends. My wife and I are also planning a trip to Paris.

How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?

I feel that the team put a lot into it. In 2007, things were going pretty well for us at all times, it wasn’t like everyday we were asking each other questions and trying to figure things out. We were sticking to what we were all about and sticking to the plan. This year required more and as far as that goes, I think the players responded really well. Looking ahead I think there's a lot of quality in this team, in both talent and character. I don’t see why we can just retool a couple of things here and there and make a push in 2009 to be even better than this year and last year as well.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?

It was challenging because of what was going on with the team, it was challenging when I broke my jaw. I still think it was a good year for me because I tried doing everything I could to try to have this thing going in the right direction. I always judge my performance on how the team does and in that sense I’m not totally satisfied.

What was your favorite momment in 2008?
Probably the little bit of run we had at the end of the season when we won 7 of 8 games. I felt that at that point, a lot of the guys were contributing and things were going in the right direction, and just before the playoffs, we had key injuries.