Monday, December 8

Catching up with Justin Braun

As players head into the offseason, here at Dentro del Rebaño, we'll be catching up with the players and finding out some of their plans ahead of the 2009 MLS season. Today we hear from Justin Braun.
Any plans for the Holidays?
Staying in shape and obviously, playing some soccer when I can. I plan to stay at home with the family. I got relatives coming for Christmas. Just looking forward to seeing my family and spending time with all of them.
How was the Chivas USA's 2008 season, from your perspective?
We have our moments when we looked really good. There were moments where we weren’t looking too good. We dealt with a lot of injuries. I think we had a good season. I would call it a good season for us. I’m really looking forward to what 2009 brings for us.
How do you think the 2008 season went for you specifically?
I loved it. I loved every moment of it… to come here and experience this. It has been amazing for me. Hopefully I can have many more years in the league.