Thursday, February 12

Quote Sheet: Preki on today's scrimmage

Preki answered questions from local media following today's scrimmage vs. Tapatío at Multigol:

On the scrimmage:

"I thought it was a good game for us at this time of the year. It's preseason, we're trying to get fit, and at the same time we're trying to see some of these new guys. Sometimes that's not such an easy thing when you throw too many guys into the team.

"But I think it was a good exercise for us. We played a pretty decent team, a young, fit team that is in-season, they gave us a good game. We have to just keep monitoring the guys who are here. We are not going to make any decisions on day two or three, we will give them some time to settle and then we'll make a decision."

On the new players training with the squad:

"I don't like to [single players out]. It's always about the team and how they fit into the team concept. They've all done some good things, and they've all done some bad things. So we'll see how they progress in the coming days, however long they stay with us."

On the prospect of more Guadalajara players training with Chivas USA:

"We are talking to people from Guadalajara and we'll see what happens in the next couple days."