Tuesday, May 6

Chivas USA at Disneyland's California Adventure - Photos!

The team spent part of Monday at Disneyland's California Adventure taking the 2008 official team photo. Here are some of the photos you might not have already seen - click on any picture to see a larger version. Enjoy!
Chivas USA, team photo, Disney, Kraig Chiles

The players putting on the gloves in preparation for the photo. Kraig Chiles is the player in the front left.

Chivas USA, team photo, Disney

The players and coaching staff get organized for the picture, under the watchful eye of the photographers and other staff.

Chivas USA, team photo, Disney, Keith Savage

Midfielder Keith Savage gives an interview during the media access portion of the event.

Chivas USA, team photo, Disney

Jesse Marsch waits for somebody to pass him a ball as the players juggle for the cameras.

Chivas USA, team photo, Disney,

Some of the team's stars pose with Goofy, Mickey, and Donald. The Chivas USA players, from left to right: Jesse Marsch, Claudio Suárez, Brad Guzan, Ante Razov, and Francisco Mendoza.
Chivas USA, Disney, Maykel Galindo, Francisco Mendoza, Claudio Suarez

Maykel Galindo, Francisco Mendoza, and Claudio Suárez gather for a picture.

Chivas USA, Disney, Alecko Eskandarian, Jonathan Bornstein, Gerson Mayen

Alecko Eskandarian, Jonathan Bornstein, and Gerson Mayen get together for a photo.

Chivas USA, Disney, Jesse Marsch

Jesse Marsch's family came out for the event - he is here with his wife, Kim, daughter Emerson, and sons Maddux and Lennon.

Chivas USA, Disney, team photo

The team also got a ride on a roller-coaster during the trip to the park. Brad Guzan and Jesse Marsch are in the front row, with Sacha Kljestan and Maykel Galindo just behind. Goalkeeper Coach Leo Percovich and Sam Kennedy are in the third row.

Chivas USA, team photo, Disney
The team finished with a meal before heading back to The Home Depot Center.

Another pair of photos, taken for the Associated Press, can be found here. A recap on the event can be found at the Chivas USA website, or by following this link. All in all, a successful day!