Friday, March 27

Chivas USA signs Serbian midfielder Bojan Stepanovic

A new signing to announce today - Serbian midfielder Bojan Stepanovic. A press release will be on the website shortly, and we'll link to that here when it's available. He joined the team in early March and played in most of the preseason matches, and is shown here facing San Jose on March 4.
Here are a few quotes from Stepanovic, and also from Preki:

Chivas USA midfielder Bojan Stepanovic

On joining the team:
“I’m very happy. My teammates and everybody with the club has given me a good reception and welcomed me in.”

On challenges this year with Chivas USA:
“The biggest challenge is going to be adapting to the speed of play and the amount of running that I’ll need to do in this league. But it shouldn’t be a problem.”

On what he hopes to bring to the club:
“I hope I’ll be able to score some goals, create some goals, make things happen for the team on the offensive side.”

Chivas USA Head Coach Preki

On Stepanovic as a player:
“[He’s] a solid offensive player who hits a good final pass and can play on either side of the field. He fits well with how we play here and we hope he will bring a lot of good qualities to our team.”

On how he found out about the midfielder:
“I saw him play 3-4 years ago when I was in Serbia and I kept an eye on him. Finally he became a free agent and now he’s here.”