Wednesday, October 15

Alecko Speaks

Today's practice was the first for Chivas USA at The Home Depot Center since the team clinched a spot in the playoffs with the 1-0 win at San Jose on Saturday. We caught up with Alecko Eskandarian after practice today to ask the former MLS Cup MVP (2004) about the team's stretch run, the upcoming home games, his season, and the playoffs:

Dentro del Rebaño: There are two games left in the regular season. What does the team have to do against Colorado and Houston on the next two weekends?
Alecko Eskandarian: We have to work on our good habits. It’s easy for teams for relax but for us we have a bigger goal in mind. So in order to reach our ultimate goal we have to work and really focus on the little things and keep focused for the playoffs.

DdR: With six wins in the last seven games, and on the first four-game winning streak in Red-and-White history, is there a worry about becoming overconfident?
AE: There is no chance of being overconfident against the other teams. I don’t think we're the type of guys that will take things lightly, because we have veteran guys and good young guys and we've been through a lot this year. So we're not going to get ahead of ourselves just because we've had a couple of good games. We have to keep working hard and try to reach our ultimate goal.

DdR: This recent run (undefeated in the last eight games, securing at least second place in the Western Conference, four straight wins) has been great for the club. Why do you think the team has done so well lately?
AE: Overall, winning solves everything. Once you start winning a couple of games, everybody starts feeling good about themselves, confidence grows, training is better. Winning is the cure for everything.

DdR: You were hurt for most of the season, but since coming back from injury, you've scored four goals and the team is 6-0-0 with you in the starting lineup. Did you think all along that you were going to finish the regular season like this?
AE: To be honest, I did. That’s what kept me going. The whole time I was injured, I kept thinking that I hopefully I could comeback by this time; I would come in and I look at the schedule and would set my own goals… that I would score these many goals. As a forward that’s what I tried to do, to challenge myself. There are more things that I want to accomplish, I’m not satisfied yet.